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• Surgery for dental implant without trauma, cut or suture.
• Faster healing of the implant for placement of prostheses.
• Surgery of 3 minutes and placement of one or more teeth in 30 days.

• Most modern and advanced techniques in dental implants.
• Osseointegrated or healed implants with no rejection.
• Planning, evaluation study with diagnostic by image.

• Prosthesis screws at pillar of Zirconiaand dental implant with esthetic.
• Pure ceramicteeth: Vita, In-Ceram, and Nobel Procera.
• Use of material that prevents the establishment of food making it easier for oral hygiene.

Dental implants for all ages (between 14 and 90 years).
Safe implants for diabetics, smokers and hypertensive patients.
Fair treatment plan with pre-check or funding.


55 011 2628-3424
55 011 3887-0714
55 011 99185-6763
55 011 98131-8792


Rua Joaquim Floriano,
820/834 - Conj. 24 - 2º andar
Itaim - São Paulo - SP - Brazil

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